YuanDong Bookstore Business Management System
YuanDong Bookstore Business Management System
A computer License RMB:3000
  Software license & After-sales service
  Software license:YuanDong Software is authorized by USB key and authorization                     license. Once the USB key is lost, the authorization license                     is invalid automatically.
  Box:Software CD 1,Operation Manual 1,Encryption key 1,License 1.
  Service:Free life time software update and technical supports by phone and            Internet are provided to all YuanDong customers.Free online(through            Internet) or on-site(on-site only available to new customers in            Beijing or near Beijing) software installation and training are            provided to all new YuanDong customers.
Category: Professional software (onstage POS , backstage MIS system)
Language: English
OS: WindowsNT/2000/ME/XP/2003/ Vista
Database: MS SQL Server2000 series
Applied industries:
Originally, the software applies to book retail; whole sale; order by mail; in store sells; book fair; book rental store; book pal; book membership club; book market whole sale and retail; publish distribution; book and audio-video store; book, audio-video and other goods mix store; audio-video product retail, wholesale and mail order.
Software introduction:
"Yuan Dong bookstore business management software" is a professional software specializes in book and audio-video sale. It can efficiently manage your ordering, warehouse, rejections, inventory, POS retail, wholesale, receiving, reordering, mail ordering, returns, allocation, membership fees, deposits and book rentals. It has strong membership management function that support commercial POS machine, bar code scanner, ATM. This software’s perfect sales and receivables management system support different kinds of ways sales. Its detailed help, fast searching, book and customer ranking function make it a leading software in this field. This software is easy to operate, and very stable. It is a very powerful book sales management software.
Product features:
1、Perfect management system for books and audio-videos warehousing. Includes in, out and storage.
2、The large-scale database “SQL Server2000” allows the system to run smoothly and stably.
3、Fast and precise logistic management system allows to choose books by customer, and can has POS machine and bar code identification.
4、Onstage POS system and backstage MIS system.
5、Booking, retails, wholesale, mail-in order, warehousing, accounting, membership and chain store all-in-one.
6、Graphics navigation interface provides easy and fast operation.
7、Main window has system help menu and every window has a help menu.
8、Database creation and software installation achieve fool-technology.
9、Easy data input, output and quick software replace.
10、Provides detailed user’s manual, customer can download new books information from website.
11、Flexible and subdivided access control function.
12、Group and individual customer information management.
13、Support library zero storage, ordering, receiving and sales.
14、Support mail labels and letter print.
15、Support customize code, bar code, ISBN, ISSN, ISRC, also support all-in-one.
16、Book properties information direct input.
17、Table sheet selection by double focus fast option with easy keyboard input function.
18、Control any illegal access and error. Menu, button will change to gray and a friendly tips will pop out.
19、Temporary save function for unfinished table and sheets.
20、Have bad debts and round billing function.
21、System will give reminder for unfinished sheet and wrong close window.
22、Important operation windows have red, blue and green description and operation instruction.
23、Strong search and analysis function allow fuzzy enquiry, for example any related Chinese words, letters and numbers.
24、Initial receiving, payments, suppliers, customers, book information and all kinds of e-file input once altogether.
25、Have e-file and one key bulk storage function.
26、Customer can choose Auto-fill in forms.
27、Purchasing reservation and advance payments function.
28、Data auto-backup.
29、Support standard POS cash register, scanner, cash box, customer monitor and small votes printer.
30、Perfect membership management system can automatically manage membership points, gifts.
31、Media set-up function in book information and book search can category books, video and audio.
32、Book sales ranking and customer spends list function.
33、Red, green and blue used to mark all kinds of returns.
34、There are two ways return to choose, order sheet return and negative in stock.
35、Communication function can have access communication records search.
36、Support wireless inventory and POS.
37、Support membership fee and deposit.
38、Real time POS and sales monitoring.
39、Network design support net and chain business model.
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